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For decades, getting a dental crown was a time-consuming (and often unpleasant) process. 

During your initial visit, the dentist would place putty in your mouth, which would mold into the shape of your teeth. Not only could the putty be unpleasant — as it could be cold or even cause some patients to gag — but an impression would have to be made from the mold, which would then have to be sent out to a laboratory so a crown could be milled. 

This process could take several days or weeks, and would require you to wear a temporary crown until it was time to come back to the dentist to have your permanent one installed. Not only could this be inconvenient, but it could also cause discomfort due to a less-than-perfect fit or sensitivity.


With the creation of CEREC® (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic) technology, the entire process has been reduced to a few, hassle-free hours. 

How it works 


CEREC allows dental professionals to design and create your crown using CAD/CAM (computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing) software. 

Instead of using putty to create an impression, your dentist will capture numerous tiny images by moving a wand slowly around your mouth. He will then stitch the images together to create an impression to send to a 3D printer, which will fabricate your new ceramic crown, which matches the exact dimensions of your tooth, as well as the shade of your natural enamel. Your dentist will then place the crown in your mouth, make a few final adjustments, and use adhesive to bond it to your tooth. 

He can complete the entire process — from preparing the tooth and creating the crown to bonding it to your tooth — in a single office visit.


Benefits of cerec crowns

Not only can custom-crafted, 3D-printed crowns be created and placed in a single appointment, but they are also more cost effective than milled crowns. They also waste less material, have fewer flaws and are more accurate than their milled counterparts. 

This improved accuracy results in a better fit for you, and since they are also less brittle than traditional crowns, they are a reduced risk for chipping.

CEREC technology can also be used to print other dental and orthodontic items, including bridges, retainers, splints, and dentures.


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