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No matter how well you care for your teeth, decay can still happen. When that decay affects your front teeth, it’s important to choose fillings that can restore your teeth’s function and appearance. Luckily, dental technology has advanced considerably in recent decades, providing numerous options to help you maintain a great smile.
No matter your dental needs, not only is it important to find a dentist located close to your home, but you also need to find one who provides the most advanced and comfortable level of care.
Do you grind your teeth at night? Have you been diagnosed with temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ)? You might benefit from wearing a night guard.
While more than two-thirds of Americans have private medical insurance coverage, only half have dental care coverage. Some people lack dental coverage because their medical plans don’t include it. Others don’t have it because they can’t afford it.
Choosing the right orthodontist is a crucial step in achieving a healthy and confident smile. Take a little extra time to find one who’ll provide the right care for you.
If you’re self-conscious about having a crooked smile, you’ve probably gotten used to hiding it. And while you might’ve considered getting braces, there’s also a good chance you’ve ultimately decided against them, as it can be even more difficult to hide the metal brackets and wires.

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