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Unhappy with your off-white smile? Have you tried at-home dental treatments and still see the stains?

Professional teeth whitening is the best way to whiten your smile quickly and safely.

Dr. Damien Armstrong and his team of Chattanooga, TN, dental professionals can give you a whiter smile you’ll be proud to show off.

What Is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is a common type of dentistry that can remove years of stains to create a whiter, brighter smile. There are several different types of whitening options, from whitening toothpaste and over-the-counter trays to professional in-office treatments. Although the low prices and accessibility of many over-the-counter whitening products can be tempting, the fact is that professional whitening is safer and far more effective.


Things we eat and drink daily like coffee, tea, or wine can have a lasting impact on the appearance of your smile. Having stained teeth can make you feel self-conscious and prevent you from smiling in front of anyone. Tooth whitening not only gives you whiter teeth, but it can boost your confidence and give you a smile you’ll want people to notice.

In order to be a good candidate for teeth whitening, you need to have healhy teeth and be free from cavities and gum disease. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should wait to get teeth whitening. Children should be at least 16 before getting this type of treatment, as receving whitening at a young age can make teeth brittle over time. Patients who have had crowns, bridges, veneers, or implants should consult with their dentist before initiating whitening treatment, as the new color may be lighter than their old restorations, resulting in a mismatched smile.

This is a form of whitening that uses a prescription-strength bleaching gel prescribed by your dentist. The gel consists of carbamide peroxide, which contains hydrogen peroxide and is a highly effective whitening solution. The gel and customized trays will be sent home with you to wear overnight.