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Restore Your Smile in a Single Visit with Same-day Crowns

At Mint Dental, we understand that it can be difficult for patients to find time for dental appointments during their busy schedules. Thanks to this state-of-the-art CEREC® technology, we can restore the beauty of your smile and the balance of your bite in one convenient visit. Schedule your same-day crown appointment today.

A damaged tooth can detract from your smile and diminish your confidence. Dental crowns have helped millions of patients repair the look and function of a damaged tooth. However, when a custom crown needs to be crafted at an outside lab, patients can be forced to wait several weeks to receive their restoration. At River City Dentistry, we offer beautiful same-day crowns fabricated in-office at our Chattanooga, TN, practice. Thanks to advanced technology, Dr. Damien Armstrong can repair your damaged tooth and restore your smile in a single visit. If you are in need of a same-day crown, contact our office today to schedule an appointment.

Restore Your Smile in a Single Visit with Same-day Crowns

Crafting Your Same-day Crown

Creating your same-day crown is a multi-step process that is typically completed in a few hours. First, the doctor will use 3D imaging technology to take detailed impressions of your tooth, which are sent to the CEREC® machine. Your custom restoration is crafted to the exact dimensions of your tooth, using durable dental-grade ceramic that will be matched to the shade of your natural enamel. After only a few minutes, Dr. Armstrong will have a brand new, custom-crafted restoration that is ready to be placed. Next, the doctor will prepare your damaged tooth for crowning by removing a minimal amount of natural tooth structure. Using strong dental adhesives, he will bond your new restoration securely in place. Dr. Armstrong will check your bite and make any adjustments, if necessary. After placement, you will leave our office with a beautiful new restoration that blends indistinguishably with your surrounding teeth.