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The porcelain veneer remains the showpiece of cosmetic dentistry. When made by hand, layer by layer, each veneer is a unique work of art. An art, that has become rare, while machines and technology are determined to replace it. 

Today, it is possible to have a machine mill out a piece of ceramic in the desired shape or form. These types of digitized, dental veneers we can offer, but they will not ever be as custom and life-like as the craft by hand.

With lengthy training and an artistic touch, Dr. Armstrong and his team at the Mint Dental in Chattanooga, TN strive to offer the best veneer results possible without cutting corners or cheapening the process.

First, we listen to our patient’s desired outcome. Each patient is unique and so is our custom treatment.

A “wax-up” or “mock-up” of how the veneers could look on a given patient’s mouth is completed by hand. This takes hours of preparation, photography, records, and presentation.

Many patients are concerned about the permanent destruction of their teeth to have this procedure done. Understandably it is indeed a permanent treatment that should last 10-15 years! Yet, I tell my patients that the goal for success when preparing teeth for dental veneers is to remain conservative and keep as many teeth as possible for the health and wellness of the teeth. Just as we spend money on renovating our kitchen or repainting our house, it is necessary to prepare the surface for this similar veneering process. We are also replacing enamel that may be already thin, gray, and worn.

Sensitivity is very rare if done properly.

What does the maintenance routine involve?

Maintenance is no different than natural teeth. The more care we take care of them, the longer they will last. This is the jewelry of the mouth, that is being used every day. It is not collecting dust in a box, so over time, we expect they will wear at the same rate as natural teeth.

how are they made?

Our veneers are made from Japanese porcelain that is layered like glass. Our labs in New York City are some of the best in the world and we wish to bring that standard to our hometown of Chattanooga.

Not everyone is a
candidate for veneers.

Some choose to get resin veneers that may look good for a short time, but are not glassy and do not let the light through, therefore looking like “chiclet teeth.”

Transform Your Smile in 3 Weeks

The process requires a consultation, a treatment day, and a final delivery day. Within 3weeks most of our patients have obtained the smile of their dreams and have gained a new confidence that most esthetic procedures cannot attain.

Dr. Armstrong and his team spend immense time and care to ensure the results that are desired. Porcelain veneers are truly the art of a smile.

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